About Us

Transpire Networks is an Ontario based company with a head office in London. It provides a single source for integrated information technology solutions that improve business quality and productivity. The team at Transpire Networks has been providing a complete range of professional IT services, networking, and integrated technology solutions to small & medium organizations throughout Ontario and across North America.

Why Transpire Networks?

Why Transpire Networks? It is simple! Transpire Networks cares about our customers' success and satisfaction. We offer premium service with exceptional technical staff. Transpire Networks gets it. In today's world of technology and social media, we are still human beings who like to communicate face to face with one another. This is our take on this industry. It requires a personalized touch, one on one contact, and trust. We listen, we take ownership and we keep open communication with our customers.

Our technical competence is second to none. Working with a wide range of companies has allowed us to provide best of breed solutions for your business by integrating technologies that work in different industries, or companies, to address your needs. We combine our experience, along with our industry partners, to deliver a full and complete service. Transpire Networks does not try to be everything to everyone. We will bring in the expertise at the right time to look after your company, and to achieve your goals. However, Transpire Networks will always take responsibility to ensure successful completion of the project, meaning there is only one point of contact for our customers. We will not allow finger pointing when there are challenges, just ownership to take care of it.

Over the years, our team has developed many processes and check lists to ensure proper delivery and service to you. Like many of our existing customers, we know your business or organization will enjoy this exceptional service.

Partnerships and Alliances

Transpire Networks has developed close working relationships with a number of Ontario based firms that allow us to leverage additional specialist expertise as required for client projects.